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Wood-fired pizza
by Alex

Crust and Crumb 77 by Alex

We are Crust & Crumb 77. A premium, mobile, Sprinter Van, based in West Yorkshire providing pizza catering and pizza van hire across Yorkshire.

We converted our van into a pizza-van by mounting a huge wood-fired pizza oven in the back of our Sprinter, creating a truly mobile pizza oven.

We believe the secret to a great pizza is simplicity! We are committed to using the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from independent suppliers across the UK. We let the ingredients and our wood-fired oven do the hard work, making on of the best tasting wood-fired pizza in Yorkshire.

At Crust & Crumb 77 we pride ourselves on providing great food and even better service. With years of experience in catering events, we can help take the stress out of organising your next party. Our stunning pizza van is the perfect option for all events from weddings, birthday parties or to your next corporate function.


Why us?

Baked with natural ingredients

Certified authentic San Marzano tomato from Italy

Fresh sourdough pizza base

Locally sourced fresh ingredients

Crispy and crunchy crust

Farmed sourced high quality meat

Guaranteed taste satisfaction


Sourdough bread

Our famous sourdough bread is made from a sourdough starter what is a third generation of bakers work and passion and its 33 year old.


The long fermentation process what can be between 36-52 hours and the best quality products such as the stone-ground organic flour gives the texture and the flavor a unique  personality and crust.


At Crust and Crumb 77 we are part of the Real Bread Campaign and that confirms our commitment to deliver the authentic sourdough based breads. 



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